Baxenden & District Golf Club

 Safe Plan of Action.

To be able to return to play golf.

(Covid 19)

Dear All Members,

Baxenden and District Golf Club Council have prepared a list of rules to follow.

These rules must be adhered to, any changes will be notified, to the membership, by the Secretary.

  1. 18 holes of golf will be allowed from Monday 1st June  2020.
  2. You will log in to reserve a Tee time on the BRS system.
  3. You can bring a visitor you must book on BRS and pay on the link provide before the round commences
  4. No one will be allowed to play if you have not booked a Tee time on the BRS system.
  5. You will start on the 1st Tee and finish on the 9th Green if playing 18 please stay in the holding area outside the clubhouse until the T bed is clear before you commence hole 10
  6. You must not touch the Flag, the holes have been modified to help with this.
  7. You should approach the first Tee from the top car park and leave the course from the bottom car park, going behind the clubhouse.
  8. 10-minute T times will be available, and you must make sure you keep 2 metres between you and your playing partners and others on the course.
  9. Please make sure you adhere to the above rules, especially the social distancing, at all times.  Baxenden Golf Club, as with all other clubs, will be under the spotlight. Anyone failing to adhere to these rules will be asked to leave the course.
  10. The locker room will be open purely for access to the toilets, please remember to wash hands.
  11. Please arrive close to your Tee off time and wait in  the area designated until it is your time on the first Tee.
  12. Bunkers are out of play.
  13. There will be no competitions until further notice.
  14. Please replace pitch marks on the greens and respect the Greens Keeper’s safety if he is working on the course.

You must not attend the golf course if you have any symptoms or you are self isolating.

Enjoy the game, abide by the rules and let’s hope it won’t be long before we can get back to ‘Normal’.